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Wyclef Jean, retour aux fondamentaux

Par • 26 Août, 2010 • Catégorie: Brèves

Wyclef Jean publie gratuitement une nouvelle chanson (en mp3) disponible ici, « PRIZON POU K. E. P. A » il y conteste la décision du CEP.

Voici les paroles en anglais de Prison for the Electoral Council :

Im contesting
Im going to court im contesting,
I do not agree, Im contesting

Look they gave wyclef the boot
They say Wyclef Speak No Kreyol
They say this is the candidate of the diaspora
Even my own Haitians are against me on Facebook
Once they heard I wanted to run for President
Even my friends said to give me the boot

Even the catholic priest are surprised
They say I left peti gwav to Cayes
All weekend long while I was celebrating Saint Notre Dame
They gave me boot
They gave Port-salut

The children cry
There are militants that say I made a deal with Preval
But I did not make a deal with Preval
It’s a president that asked to see a candidate, I could not refuse
I told laserre I would go back
When I arrived he offered me coffee
He wanted to assure our friendship
He said: You are a good candidate.
He put me on the phone with Jude Celestin
We had a very good conversation
After that Preval gave me the boot

Even if you say it’s the KEP
But I know you hold all the cards.
I voted for you to be president in 2006
Why now have you rejected my candidacy

Its not  Wyclef you gave the boot
Its the youth that you gave the boot
Its not Wyclef you gave the boot
Its the masses you gave the boot
Its not Wyclef that you gave the boot
The man that’s selling “dous makos” you gave boot
Its not Wyclef that you gave the boot
Its the countrymen you gave the boot

Look! They gave Wyclef The Boot

People say that I went to make a deal with the devil in Saut-d’eau
But I only went to bathe in the water
If I made a deal with the devil they would not  have given me the boot
The KEP gave me the boot

But don’t forget, my father was a Pastor
My God is more powerful than Lucifer
This KEP is commanded by Lucifer
And those Devils gave me the boot
The son of God doesn’t get the boot,
No No No

Face To Face
Youth hold down the Youth
Forward Forward
We want education for everyone to make it.
From all schools we want to succeed.

In all universities, the youth sector, the farming sector
We will not let them step on our rights
We shall succeed
We shall overcome

Red handkerchief , Black handkerchief
Red and Blue are all the same
My love is Haiti, don’t break her heart
Before I sleep I always read a Psalm
I ask Hosana to get the people from the rubbles
And send the angel Gabriel
To protect the women that are being raped under the tents
And Wyclef Jean im telling you the truth.
I will continue to contest the KEP
We must mobilize, I will not let go

Face to Face

All lies will fail

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